Do you have no credit or bad credit? Everett Credit Union can help you get on the track to good credit by building or repairing your credit.

Credit Start and Credit Repair Plan

You may consider a Credit Start or Repair Plan if you are trying to re-establish new credit, have no credit or need to improve your current credit score. Please note that the funds are secured during the duration of the Plan and are available for use at the end of the Plan term. To learn more about our Credit Start and Repair Plan, please contact one of our loan specialists.

Credit Start Plan* The first step on the road to building good credit!

  • Amounts up to $1,000.00
  • Terms of 6 to 24 months available
  • Save money while building your credit

Credit Repair Plan* Think you have bad credit? Start rebuilding!

  • Amounts up to $3,000.00
  • Terms of 6 to 36 months available
  • Save money while rebuilding your credit

Please visit our rates page for current loan rates and interest rates on deposit accounts. Our Fee Schedule provides additional information on account fees and service fees. We also provide a free financial calculators page to calculate your loan and auto payments, compare loans, and see how far your savings will take you.

Contact us for more information.

* Proceeds will be put into a certificate for the same term as the Plan. The full original amount of the Plan will be held until the Plan is paid off. No withdrawals can be made from the certificates (even with penalty) unless the Plan is paid in full.