When you’re looking for excellent personal loan rates, look no further – Everett CU have the competitive rates you’re looking for.

Rates effective as of April 6, 2018.

Loans (Personal, Share Secured, Certificate Secured)
Account Type Term (in months) APR1 as low as
Personal Loan (unsecured)2 12 11.00
24 11.50
36 12.00
48 12.50
60 14.50
72 14.50
Share Secured Loan (current share rate + 4.00%) 60 n/a
Certificate Secured Loan (current CD rate + 4.00%) Cert. Maturity n/a
Overdraft & ECU Classic Visa
Account Type Term (in months) APR1 as low as
Overdraft Line of Credit n/a 11.90
ECU Classic Visa (no annual fee) n/a 11.90

1 Annual Percentage Rate
2 Automatic payments from ECU checking or savings account required.
+ Rates include a 0.25% discount for automatic payment from an ECU checking or savings account.